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Mission Statement:
"Do it once and do it right."

The shortest distance, between the concept and the completion is a clear and precise set of understandable and easily interpreted documents, be they written or delineated. A picture is worth a thousand words, except in construction. Contractors interpret that phrase differently, a picture without a thousand words, is worth more than one that is worded. Clarity in contract documents starts at the very beginning of the design, often while the architect is discussing the project with the client. As the design grows and takes form, it gathers information and the recording of that data, is tantamount in the process of construction. A building is never “finished”. It will continue and grow aging with the patina of the selected palate of materials, both internally and externally.

About The McMillan Group Ltd:
Founded on 05 May 2005 (05.05.05), The McMillan Group Ltd is led by Robert Craig McMillan. With more than 40 years in the profession, Bob McMillan has amassed a portfolio of some 200+ buildings ranging is size, from a garden pergola in a Washington DC courtyard, to Grand Central Terminal in the center of Manhattan. Born in Greenwich, Connecticut, the son of a carpenter, the smell of cut woods and concrete is second nature. Having a BArch from Pratt Institute and a Fulbright Scholarship allowing study at Oto Do Teknik Universitesi in Ankara Turkey, began his career building models for Paul Marvin Rudolph, then the Dean of Art and Architecture at Yale University. In 1968, Bob started with the firm of Conklin Rossant Architects. In 1984, he joined Beyer Blinder Belle.

The McMillan Group Ltd was established as a private architectural practice offering a wide variety of services, to both clients and the architectural profession itself. The McMillan Group Ltd is a LEED 2.0 Accredited Professional, with registration in the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

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